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Happy New Year!

Every year, we ask ourselves, what do we want to accomplish this year? Don’t we?

Since this is a blog for writers, let me guess: You want to get that book written. Or you want to get your freelance career started. Or you simply want to boost this writing career of yours.   

Whatever your writing plans are for 2014, you have to put it on your everyday To-Do list, or it won’t happen. Guaranteed.

If I didn’t write down what I want to accomplish from day to day, I wouldn’t get any of it done. We all know people who talk and talk about all the things they want to do in life, but never seem to do anything to make it happen. When the subject comes up, they say they simply don’t have the time.

And they never will. Because you will never FIND the time. You must MAKE the time.

 Is Writing Important to You?

Many years ago, a friend told me about one of her mother’s favorite sayings: “You Do What’s Important To You.”

I’ve always thought that one sentence is pure genius when it comes to human nature. So simple—and so wise. That of course pertains to everything we do, or don’t do. But it’s especially something to keep in mind when it comes to your writing. If you keep finding excuses not to do it, maybe it’s not that important to you. (And that’s okay, you might have other passions.) Sometimes we dream about doing something, or being something, like a writer, but when it comes down to it, it’s not what we really want to do. The dream is much more enjoyable than the reality.

And the reality about being a writer is that it’s HARD. It takes work, and instruction, and yes, time. So if you really do want to be a working writer, the first thing you need to do is get organized. Put writing time into your daily schedule.

Be Organized and Specific

I have two personal calendars. One I keep in my purse. It’s a basic two-year calendar booklet, and I write down everything in this one. Business notes, social events, or even who I need to call on a specific day. I find this old-fashioned calendar is easier to use than anything electronic. Just flip it open, read or write! And it goes everywhere I go, so it’s a handy reminder whenever I need it. (I also save all the old ones. It’s like having a journal of my life and all the things I’ve done—and accomplished—in years past!)

The other calendar is my big desk calendar that I keep right in front of me as I work. I can make notes and refer to it as I write. On this calendar, I note down little ideas and also, things I want to complete by a certain day. Besides writing books, I still freelance a little, teach classes, and organize writers’ workshops, so that all gets documented on the sheet that stares at me every day!

And by the way, I have a recently retired husband at home, two dogs, two cats. And I work from home. Not easy at all. But I refuse to use them as an excuse for not producing. Sometimes I just have to get up earlier or stay up later. Whatever works!

Because my new year’s resolutions are not just dreams. They are goals.

That’s the difference between success, and waiting yet another year to make things happen.

And the best part? It’s never too late. So get going. And let me know what you find works for you!

Happy Writing in 2014!


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